Free Whitening For Life!

We’re excited to announce the launch of the Free Whitening for Life program at Ashburn Dental Studio! The Free Whitening for Life program is available to new and existing patients over the age of 18, with accounts in good standing.

To qualify, you must first receive an exam to determine if your teeth are healthy enough for professional whitening. You then must complete any recommended dental care, including completing 2-3 cleanings per year.

A Brighter New Smile

The “Free Whitening for Life” program is a courtesy service we are proud to offer you when you demonstrate a commitment to your oral health. You can show your commitment by scheduling regular checkups as determined by your hygienist and Dr. Kalra, and by addressing small problems before they become big ones.

We want to encourage all our patients to perform excellent care for themselves and their family members.

One way we can help you to achieve this is to supply you with the tools to look and feel your best with a whiter and brighter smile!

I was so lucky to choose Dr. Kalra as my Dentist! I went in after seeing countless positive reviews and loved the atmosphere upon arriving.